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Health Medical Reasons to Lose Weight

When thinking about diet, the intention of most people is simply to look attractive. Suddenly we want to have a flat belly and a sexy bum. Nice looks can boost our self-esteem and generally make us happy, but there are serious health reasons to lose weight.

Let’s start with obvious advantages. Once you lose excessive weight, you feel better. It’s easier to wake up, your energy levels are higher, climbing the stairs is no longer a challenge. Extra energy and a better look together will let you go to the beach and start a successful sex life again. Weight loss can also help improve knee problems and fertility problems.

If you still feel unconvinced, then it’s time for you to find out what are the consequences of being obese.

First of all, the risk of death rises with the increasing weight. Tell me, how many old people do you know that are really obese and feel good and full of energy?

Second, obesity contributes to heart problems and is one of the most frequent reasons of heart attacks. This argument is often underestimated by young people, who think that this problem is more age-related, but medical findings are merciless in this field.

Do you know any people with diabetes? Obesity leads to the development of insulin resistance and thus your chances of getting diabetes increase. For those already diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, weight control is regarded as the most important therapeutic task.

There is also a correlation between excess weight and cancer. And again, obese people are at risk most.

Recent studies also revealed that obese people are more likely to develop chronic depression and anxiety.

Having all this in mind, do you still think that you want to lose weight, or maybe you need to lose weight?